Det Norske Teatret – Profil og nettside

In 2019, TRY Apt started the project with Det Norske Teatret to create a new and unifying identity. They wanted a more holistic profile and were open to going in a different direction than they had, but did not want to change the logo.
DNT wanted to sharpen the profile with a more vibrant expression that highlighted DNT as a clear contributor within the artistic and cultural. Nevertheless, it was an important internal goal that the profile should never overshadow the performances.
A proper clean-up and a clearer establishment of guidelines had to be done, so that DNT was not totally dependent on TRY Apt to produce material.
With the new profile, it was important to reach a wider target group. With this, they wanted to create a new and modern website that could open up the possibility of new technology and essentially increase online sales in the long run.

We started a collaboration with Det NorskeTeatret in 2019 and in spring 2020 launched an updated logo, new profile, website and a toolbox with lots of different design outputs



Art Direction & lead designer // Malin Elisabeth Lindberg
Designer // Christopher Køltzow
Developement // Thomas Sømoen
Advisor // Erling Andersen
Video animations // Christian Ruud
Producer // Linda Tiller

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