Statskog is a Norwegian state-owned company that is responsible for the management of state-owned forest and mountain properties on a total of 20% of the area in Norway.

In 2017, Statskog wanted to redesign The site had existed for many years without major changes. Statskog’s goal was to make the content on the website accessible in a simpler and more intuitive way, inspire different target groups and showcase all the different outdoor opportunities and offers that the public can take advantage of through Statskog’s public services.

After a long project run with insight, design and concept development, we launched a new design that gave Statskog more leeway to grow creatively and communicatively. The customer expresses great satisfaction with the work that has been put into the preparation of the new website. This applies to both the user interface, which is now perceived as clearer and more understandable, and not least that users on average spend more time on subpages whose main purpose is to inspire.



Art Direction & lead designer // Malin Elisabeth Lindberg
Designer // Nicklas Hellborg
Developement // Thomas Sømoen & Christopher Aalholm

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